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Food photography and videography continue to evolve, and, with a few technology tricks and thoughtful execution, can be done in a safe, socially distanced way. As a food innovation company, we’ve always conducted seamless, high quality recipe development, food styling, propping, and photography — and now we can do it in a safe, contactless way.

Here’s how Touchless Food Photography works at Hyde Park Group:

Culinary Chef Recipe Development

Our five-star food innovation chefs create the recipes in their own kitchens and take candid photos to help guide the stylist. We do the initial staging with our library of props and share concepts with the client.

Separate Food Prep and Photography Space

Our fully-equipped kitchen and photography studio have ground floor access with separate doorways: no lobby, no elevator, no common entry. These separate spaces are divided by a sliding door that allows for prepared and styled food and beverage to slide through on a cart (think life-size Automat). The kitchen and studio each have their own restrooms as well. 

Strong, Multichannel Wifi for Remote Viewing

We connect with clients virtually to complete lighting, styling, propping, and directional tests, as well as providing instant viewing of shots. 

Ventilation and Sanitization

Doors and windows open to allow for constant airflow, and a deep-clean sanitization team tackles the space after each use, paying special attention to handles, keyboards, buttons, and other equipment that stylists and photographers handle. Disinfectant wipes and gloves are provided for use throughout a shoot.

‘No Exceptions’ Policy

The wellbeing of our community comes first – our rules during this time are set for a reason, and we won’t stretch them. By following government guidelines and using extra precaution, we can creatively and effectively produce awesome content in a safe way.

If you’re interested in working with the Hyde Park Group, please reach out to us at or call 312-337-1300. 


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