THE PLATED PATH TO RETAIL Are CPG companies taking over the restaurant world?

hydepark Trends to Watch

From ghost kitchens to food halls, grocery brands are changing how they reach a new generation of consumers. Here’s a glimpse of what is happening in the marketplace. 

WALMART GHOST KITCHENS: CPG brands like Beyond Meat, RedBull, & Nescafé are expanding into food service with restaurant offerings through Walmart ghost kitchens for to-go & mobile delivery.

FLAVORTOWN: Leave it to Guy Fieri to infiltrate both grocery and restaurant food delivery. Buy it on Amazon or order for delivery from ghost kitchens operated through Buca di Beppo, Bravo Italian Kitchens, and other mid-sized chains.

MRBEAST: MrBeast, an award-winning digital content creator, joined forces with Virtual Dining Concepts to create an overnight sensation in 300+ ghost kitchens. Is grocery retail next?

FOOD HALLS: About to surge post-pandemic, these hip, contemporary collections of restaurant stalls are sure to attract forward-looking CPG marketers.

WOW BAO NOW: Wow Bao created a ghost kitchen platform that slides into any restaurant kitchen, vastly expanding the footprint of this restaurant-to-retail brand.

IMPOSSIBLE BURGER: This game-changing plant-based burger was sold through contemporary restaurants before hitting the grocery shelves. And the rest is history.  

What’s your plated path? Our group of award-winning chefs & restaurateurs puts Hyde Park Group in a unique position to identify & execute CPG ghost kitchen & food hall concepts.



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