NPD Proto-cepting

Accelerating Your New Product Pipeline Through Rapid Proto-cepting

hydepark Innovation Process

You’ve probably heard the term “rapid proto-cepting” tossed around, but what does it really mean? At Hyde Park Group Food Innovation, it means a committed team of strategists, chefs, and packaging designers who finds the idea, creates “close-to-retail” food and packaging proto-cepts, and presents them to consumers in all their 3D glory. And it means revamping, tweaking and getting those proto-cepts back in front of consumers until all the sensory cues start to connect.

It’s not just written concepts or well-executed food or package design. It’s all of those things, rolled into a consumer experience that replicates what they might actually see, hold and taste. Our chefs and designers not only create the work, but actively participate throughout the entire research process and are on call to make changes virtually on the spot. Through our proprietary rapid proto-cepting process, we have fine-tuned the art of connecting the mind, senses and heart to the food purchase experience.
In fact, one of our recent International CPG Clients had this to say about our work:

“Hyde Park Group’s strategic thought process and skilled facilitation produced product platforms that will fuel our new product pipeline for years to come. What really “sealed the deal” and energized our discovery team were the delicious culinary concepts and creative packaging executions that brought our ideas to life. HPG’s broad range of skills produce quality results and dramatically shorten innovation cycle time.”

Rapid proto-cepting is a great way to accelerate learning if it is based in consumer insight and well-executed. At Hyde Park Group Food Innovation, closing the gap between consumer insight and extraordinary culinary and package design is what we are all about.