Why Kitchen Ideation Works

hydepark Innovation Process

If you’re thinking about creating the next generation of new food products, leave your computer behind and taste your way to greater insights in the kitchen with kitchen ideation.

At Hyde Park Group Food Innovation, we create highly-focused, custom designed ideation and brainstorming sessions for new product marketers. Each Kitchen Ideation engagement is professionally moderated by experts with over 25 years of communications, strategic planning and new product development experience, and brought to life by our five-star chefs with culinary demonstrations and tastings.

Our facility is located in the heart of Restaurant Row in Chicago’s West Loop where we’re surrounded by wholesale food producers, cutting-edge chefs, and some of the most innovative restaurants in the country.

We work with our clients to understand their goals, targets and challenges, then design a full day of food trends, packaging audits, consumer insights, chef demonstrations, and tours of our chefs’ kitchens.  We provide everything clients need – from the ideation space to expert participants to cutting-edge brainstorming techniques.

Kitchen Ideation works because it is trend and sensory based.  We are slavish food trend followers and use these to enlighten and direct new product possibilities. And, there’s nothing like hands-on demonstrations and tastings to inspire “aha” moments.

Located in the food-centric West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, Hyde Park Group Food Innovation is a consulting company providing new menu and product development services to national restaurant chains and CPG companies. For more information on our services, contact Mary Haderlein on LinkedIn, visit our website www.hydeparkgroup.com, email info@hydeparkgroup.com, or call 312-337-1300.