hydepark Trends to Watch

Our hot-off-the press roundup of trend worthy sightings is called HPG SPOTTED. Started during COVID and now a twice weekly social media event, HPG SPOTTED captures of-the-minute products, flavors and ingredients that are pushing the boundaries and making waves. This month we’ve noticed a plethora of unexpected mash-ups, from caviar ice cream to watermelon rind pickles. Here are just a few examples:

Pink Lemonade Blueberry isn’t a drink, it’s a variety of fruit! With a taste that’s distinctly lemony and twice as sweet as your typical blueberry, these pretty berries are delicious right off the bush or mixed into salads and baked goods.

Caviar Ice Cream, anyone? Cheddar and sour cream may be typical toppers for caviar but Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar is taking this one step further by combining all of these flavors into a light and creamy ice cream. Would you try it?

Mushroom Ketchup is a blast from the past and sure to turn heads at your next barbecue. For an intense umami bomb, splash this on a steak & hamburgers, stir into a soup, or whip into a dip. Move over tomatoes, there’s a new ketchup in town!

Korean Corn Dogs are the newest take on a state fair staple. The fermented flour batter creates a crispier exterior with a light, fluffy interior. The sticky dough clings to the sausage or cheese stick, stretching like a leavened bread batter. 

Watermelon Rind Pickles:  Waste not, want not – put your whole watermelon to delicious use with sweet or savory watermelon pickles.



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