Fortune Magazine Features Haderlein on Meatless Meat

hydepark New Technologies

Hyde Park Group’s Principal, Mary Haderlein, was featured in a recent Fortune Magazine article on the growth of the meatless meat market. The article spotlighted several start-ups vying for success in the emerging space. Many companies, such as Beyond Meat, are using new techniques to bring a unique umami flavor to their plant based products, while others are attempting to grow animal cells from stems, such as Memphis Meats.

Haderlein alludes to the intrinsic challenge reconciling the “non GMO” and “clean label” movements, which have be so prevalent in the past few years, with the new era of “food science” ushered in by these products. She remarks upon the challenge of finding a category name for cellular agriculture products that resonates and inspires consumers. Interestingly, the article states that the target audience for new meatless meat products is not vegan, but the general meat-eating public.

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