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Food First Thinking is Hyde Park Group’s front-end, new product development process designed to accelerate time to market with relevant, trend-forward new products. From concept through launch – and everything in between – we leverage the sensory and emotional power of food to guide development.  Our approach is led by a seasoned, food-focused group of multi-disciplinary experts including market researchers, five-star chefs, packaging designers, commercialization pros plus top-level media and creative thinkers.

Step one of our Food First Thinking approach is Food Immersion: a chef-led exploration of where food fits in the macro sphere of trends and choices: how it is prepped, cooked, served, packaged, shelved, and purchased, and how it is meeting (or not meeting) existing needs. Understanding the food opportunity and defining the parameters for “delicious” are critical deliverables.

Step two is Identifying the Food Tribe.  This step starts with finding the right food tribe to help co-create the product. Are they foodies? Cross-fitters? Yoga moms? Food service professionals?  We then begin a dialogue to create hypothesis about products that could unleash demand.  Even at this early stage, we begin to explore unique paths to purchase to create highly relevant access.

Step Three is Platform Development & Ideation:  This is when we generate platform hypotheses and all of the possibilities for bringing the product to market.  Starting with the food itself, through Kitchen Ideation, our chefs explore culinary possibilities, looking for upgraded taste, texture and ingredient opportunities.  Our designers and creative thinkers begin to sketch the brand, and our media experts flesh out potential paths to purchase.

Step Four is Rapid Proto-cepting:  We quickly transform our ideas into 3D, close-to-retail concepts – positioning, packaging, culinary and potential launch approaches – to show our tribe exactly how it might look, sound, taste and be purchased.  Whether mailed and captured virtually, or presented in person, our tribe interacts with close-to-retail product and packaging to help accelerate learning.

The Final Step is Testing:  Prior to launch, we quantitatively validate the concept, brand, food and packaging to make sure it is on track.  Our food tribe serves as our benchmark.  And, later, they become our advocates and influencers for go-to-market programs.

To transform untapped demand into high potential new products, first look for the opportunity from within the food itself, guided by food immersive experts. Then partner with specific food tribes to get it right, and launch with insight, savvy and conviction. That’s our secret sauce.


Hyde Park Group is a new food and beverage development company providing services from insight and concept development through production and launch. We have worked with a wide range of companies including Starbucks, Kraft-Heinz, Kellogg, Pepsico, Beam Suntory, and Constellation Brands, to name a few.  For further information, please email us at