Case Studies

  • Protein Snacking

    We've created many protein snacks for clients in the meat and cheese categories, researching and designing concepts, brand names, culinary proto-cepts, packaging substrates and graphics as well as identifying commercial ingredient suppliers and co man partners.

  • Brazilian Bar Food

    For the leading national Brazilian charrascuro, we designed and implemented an authentic Brazilian tapas experience in the underutilized bar section of their restaurants.

  • New Italian

    For the leading sauce producer, we designed a custom culinary tour, engaging top chefs to create new dishes and applications for the consumer target.

  • New Wing Sauces

    Following a multi-city culinary tour, we created a broad range of new sauces, introducing a fast-growing QSR to Pan Asian forms and flavors.

  • Imported Beer

    For a quickly expanding imported beer brand, we created new line extensions to capture emerging and growing markets.

  • Celebrity Chef Endorsed Snacking

    For a major breakfast producer, we helped launch a new snacking concept, engaging top chefs to create recipes and share the concept on their personal social media accounts.

  • Re-thinking Convenience

    For a major snack bar manufacturer, we re-imagined the bar's shape as finger-food for easier family eating and less waste.

  • Broadening Penetration through New Forms

    For a major cheese producer, we created a new form, helping to increase household penetration tenfold.

  • Wow Desserts

    For a leading casual dining chain, we explored a broad range of engaging and photographable desserts designed for the social media culture.

  • Bean Cuisine

    For the category's dominant national producer of beans, we created a line of culinary recipes inspired by authentic global cuisines and supported the launch with social media, video, and cookbooks.

  • Spanish House Parties

    For the nation's top bagged salad producer, we designed recipes, games and photography to support 5,000 "Taste of Spain" social media house parties.