hydepark Trends to Watch, Yearly Trends

Hyde Park Group’s 2020  “What’s Tipping?” Food and Beverage Trends Presentation is a dynamic look at shifting consumer behavior and how it impacts the design and launch of new products.

With real-world examples from CPG, cutting-edge chefs, food science, technology and media,  this presentation pulls together seemingly disparate trends into a cohesive vision of “what’s next?” for food and beverage development.

This year’s review focuses on four key areas:  Planet First: how environmental concern is driving product design and purchase behavior; The New Healthy: evolving demands for plant-based, lean protein, low-carb foods; Modern Medicine: accelerating functional-delicious products for self-prescribed consumers, and New Arenas: how technology is reshaping food access and product introductions.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact info@hydeparkgroup.com