Renovating Iconic Brands with a Food First Thinking Approach

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Many legacy brands have extended their equity into new products with mixed results.  Despite all the models, forecasts, and trend analyses, only 15% of new products survive beyond year one.  As companies look to build new attributes into their iconic food and beverages, it’s important to ensure they are on trend and meet data metrics.

Still, in our experience, the most important factor may be as fundamental as the food itself: does it deliver an extraordinary eating experience?  Taking the food to the next level is what consumers want and expect from new products today, and it is often the difference between success and failure in the market.

That’s why Hyde Park Group is committed to a Food First Thinking strategic approach – designed to increase the odds for success by creating better eating experiences.  Relying heavily on our award-winning, top level chefs and insights from the culinary world, our Food First Thinking approach helps clients uncover high potential platforms based on where food fits in the macro sphere of trends and choices, how it is prepped, cooked, served, packaged, shelved and purchased, and how it is meeting (or not meeting) existing needs.

Through a collaborative, hands-on process we help clients discover “aha” inspirations for better ideas based on provenance, ingredients, techniques, applications and sensory experiences.  Our process invites clients to participate in food-forward foundational steps including chef-led market audits, culinary tours, tastings, technique demonstrations, ingredient exploration, and more.

From there, we develop high potential platforms and transform them into 3D close-to-retail proto-cepts  – positioning, packaging and culinary – to show consumers exactly how they might look, sound and taste. Through our iterative, rapid proto-cepting process, we listen, then change them up from group to group until we get it right.  It’s a great way to accelerate learning and ensure your concept is actually delivering a differentiated and extraordinary eating experience.

To increase the odds for success with a brand renovation, first look for the opportunity from within the food itself, guided by culinary experts and chefs.  Then partner with consumers to make sure you get it right. That’s our secret sauce.


Hyde Park Group is a new food and beverage development company providing services from insight and concept development through production and launch.  We have worked with many iconic brand companies including Starbucks, Kraft-Heinz, Kellogg, Pepsico, Beam Suntory and Constellation Brands, to name a few.  For further information, please email us at